Monday, August 25, 2008


I found out last Friday that I'm going to be teaching CHum 230 (the class that I was originally going to be a TA for). There are three sections, and the instructor teaching two of the sections isn't teaching this fall, so I'm going to be teaching 25 little students InDesign. And by little students I mean they're all juniors and seniors and probably older and smarter than me. I'm intimidated/scared/nervous, but I'm also really excited to run my own little class. I get to write a syllabus (or at least revise/adapt the syllabus that my CHum 230 teacher used), grade assignments, hold office hours, and stand up for three hours a week and teach!

Also, can you believe that summer is over? Summer just kind of crept away from me. Two weeks ago I had to start moving/cleaning and I've been in the middle stages of moving ever since. I'm finally settling in my apt, and now I only have one week left of summer (and I'm working 35 hrs and trying to prepare for teaching). September is always so depressing!


Renny said...

Can I start calling you professor? Or Dr. Lowe (cause all professors are Dr.s in my mind.) You just got your PhD right?

Chelsea said...

Can I go to your class?

Holly said...

Too bad I can't witness this firsthand; any chance you can broadcast via webcam? lol you're a teacher, i love it!

Kristin said...


I'm pretty sure I would die of embarrassment if you were to sit in on my class!

I think we should go to wsu vancouver , get certified and student teach at mt. view together. We could skip second period and meet at Village Vendor!

Holly said...

Wow that sounds like a perfect plan! It's been a long time since I've had a candy lipstick.

Chelsea said...

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