Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

Lindsey has tagged me; I love Lindsey, so I'm going to respond.
  • I am - watching Seinfeld, the pilot episode
  • I think - I'm going to waste away the day
  • I want - to buy a car
  • I have - a pair of really comfy socks on right now that are making me really happy
  • I wish - that I didn't have to teach CHum tomorrow
  • I hate - it when the weather is so amazing and I don't do anything to enjoy it
  • I miss - making dinner on Sundays
  • I fear - my students turning mutinous
  • I feel - like taking a walk and jumping in the leaves
  • I hear - Jerry talking about how men don't know what women want
  • I smell - my hair
  • I search - for a good way to start my article on Hazelnuts
  • I wonder - what I'll do when I graduate
  • I love - showering after I run
  • I care - about succeeding
  • I always - love eating ice cream
  • I am not - ready for another school week to start
  • I dance - ... never
  • I sing - Wicked really loudly and passionately
  • I don't always - sleep until my alarm goes off
  • I write - poorly
  • I win - !
  • I lose - every bet I make at the Internship Office
  • I never - feel like going to my computer programming class
  • I listen - to pandora at work
  • I can usually be found - in the JKB, the JFSB, the mac lab, or in my bed
  • I'm scared - of teaching
  • I read - Yahoo news (which I'm sure is 100% reliable), Cry, the Beloved Country,emails from the editing minor
  • I'm happy about - watching so many episodes of Gilmore Girls recently
  • Thank you


Chelsea said...

Um, you NEVER dance?

What about when you just gotta gotta cut loose?

Renny said...

Remember how I saw you at institute? Yeah, good times.

Chelsea said...

You guys are so righteous.

Holly said...

never dance? except those couple months of classes and the one recital...

Kristin said...

Holly, no one needs to know about that. Did we ever find out if that is on tape anywhere at columbia dance? Oh, good times.

Renny said...

This last Tuesday I was not at institute. You may now freely judge me. Unless you weren't there either, in which case, I judge you.