Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Robert

Dearest Robert,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for everything you do to transform my seemingly menial job into the job of my wildest dreams and fantasies. Every day you come into the copy center (which is almost daily), I feel my heart lift at the thought of all of the tasks you might challenge me with.

I love to make copies for you. When you approach the counter with a huge stack of various sized pages and pictures and want me to do near miraculous things with each individual item, I couldn't be more ecstatic. No, I have no problem taking this 2x2.5 inch picture from this page of your old yearbook and blowing it up to be 8.5x5 inches and then placing it side by side another (different-sized) yearbook picture from a different page and then copying them to be the exact same size side-by-side on a piece of white cardstock. Nothing makes me happier and brings more joy to my little heart. What makes it even better is that you don't bring me all the joy at one time, but you space it out throughout my shift. You spread out your belongings along the back counter, which offers me assurance that you are here for the long haul to offer me exciting things to work on. You'll bring up one stack of tedious jobs and when I'm nearing the end of the stack I will feel a little bit of sadness knowing that I'm almost done having an immense amount of fun with the copy machine, but once I've sat back in my chair and almost lost hope in your ability to produce another job for me, you always manage to bring me more things to copy. I'm so glad you don't bring everything up all at once--what would be the fun in that?

No, I would not rather be reading my book, chatting on facebook, googling runners corner, creating new stations on pandora, staring at a blank computer screen, or helping any other costumer that I could possibly imagine. All I want to do is serve you. Thanks for coming to Cougar Creations. Please come again soon.

Kristin Lowe
Copy Center Attendant


Kathryn said...

Robert Almond!! Is that who you're talking about? I loved him. Well, I loved when he would give Kyle and I both a dollar after unbinding a size 32 coil. Like that really makes up for the intense ache in my left hand. But he really could be sweet. Like when he would call.

Kathryn: Cougar Prints and Copy Center.

Robert: Yeah, go get Fred.

Ahh, yes. That would always make me smile and skip merrily along and get my oh-so-beloved boss Fred. Yes Robert, we all loved to serve you.

Kristin said...

Yes, the very same robert. I'm glad you understand my joy!

Renny said...

Classic. Robert sounds like such a good friend!

Renae said...

haha... I too can relate to the joy Mr. Robert Almond brings to the copy center! I'm so glad he still makes Cougar Creations his home away from home (literally). You are so lucky that you get to help him with his ridiculous jobs all the time. I envy you. :)

Rachel said...