Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Continues

This is turning out to be a really amazing summer. I don't start my second job until July 21st, so I've just been working 15 hours/week at the copy center. I run every morning (I know, exercise?), I go to work, and then I spend the afternoons swimming, reading, watching movies, cooking, or hanging out with Christie. In the evenings I have gotten abnormally involved in my ward and have started attending institute, home evening, ward prayer, and other random activities. Today the relief society is going on a campout up to blackhawk campgrounds. I have also joined a linner group (lunch/dinner) that has 4 (maybe 5) people in it, so we eat twice a week and I only have to cook every two weeks. I'm also in two book clubs. My English 495 class from last Winter decided to form a book club, so we meet every two weeks out our professor's house to talk books. Yesterday we discussed Their Eyes Were Watching God. I have to choose the book for our next meeting. Any suggestions? For my other book club we're reading The Alchemist right now. My ward is also starting a mixed doubles tennis tournament next week (Ryan, I wish you were here to be my partner). Christie and I are going to CA at the end of July to visit one of our only mutual friends, Jen, before she goes on her mission at the end of August. That will be fun. I'm trying to think of absolutely anything else that is going on in my life right now. Nope, nothing is coming. Well besides the fact that I am now a master lemon bar maker.


Renny said...

Kristin, 1. I am back from CA, its time to Lemon Poppy Seed it up.
2. I had a dream that my mom ran into you. It went sort of like this. "I saw Kristin." "Oh yeah?" "yeah." "huh." Then my brain went on to other random things...
3. I am jealous of your summer.

Rachel said...

I need lemon bars, stat! I'm glad you're doing so much. Yay for busy-ness1 I miss you though :(