Sunday, October 28, 2007

I failed the GRE playlist

1. Over My Head, The Fray
2. Don't Panic, Coldplay
3. Tie the Rope, The Format
4. Dead Wrong, The Fray
5. How to be Dead, Snow Patrol
6. Burn This City, Cartel
7. Big Machine, The Goo Goo Dolls
8. Home, Daughtry
9. Stand Still, Look Pretty, The Wreckers
10. Sophomore Slump, Fall Out Boy
11. Out of My League, Stephen Speaks
12. Big Girls Don't Cry, Fergie
13. Take Me Away, Lifehouse
14. It's Not Over, Daughtry
15. Breathe In Breathe Out, Mat Kearney
16. Everything'll be alright, Joshua Radin


Chelsea said...

This is so good. I love it.

Lil Renny said...

So I totally picked up the bridal guide cause I saw Kathryn Pepper on the cover. Later I realized that that was slightly odd since I don't really know her. But I've checked out her blog a few times, thats a bond that goes deep... it was an impulse buy what can I say? But I'm grateful as now it is helping me plan for my wedding.