Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Novel in November

I'm writing a Novel in November in celebration of national novel writing month. I think that everyone should join in. So far my novel is a riveting 1,815 words about an eighth grader named Kerrie. She has experienced her first day of eighth grade and some potential problems at home, but I really have no idea what kind of plot this story is going to have. Most likely no plot at all, let's be honest. The goal of this whole novel in November is quantity not quality. The goal is 50,000 words. If you want to learn more go to I've wanted to delete every single word I have written and the only thing that keeps me from doing it is the thought of having to type out more words that are of equal crap. Perhaps I'll post some choice selections on my blog. To give you a taste here is the first paragraph, completely unedited. Please don't mock. Remember quality not quantity, OK!?

Kerrie slapped the jam side of the sandwich down and sliced the knife through the center before sealing the halves into a plastic bag. It had come again—the first day of school. Grabbing the rest of her lunch and her backpack Kerrie rushed out to the bus stop. She always felt silly with her packed lunch; afterall she was in middle school now, but her mom insisted that cafeteria food is the root of all evils in America, and the ritual had become habit. So Kerrie was still eating peanut butter and jelly in the eighth grade. She was known for it, in fact.


Lil Renny said...

More More!! Maybe I will write a novel. It won't be as good as yours though.

Chelsea said...

I've heard about this NanoWrimo thing, actually. And hey, what's wrong with PB and J? Not that I eat but plenty of people do, I'm sure. 50,000 words...Do you know about how many pages in Word that would be?

I liked your first paragraph. I wonder if the Nano Wrimo people would accept team efforts, than I could have everyone help me write my masterpiece. Hahaha

Kathryn said...

This is one of the funniest things ever. I love the concept of quantity, not quality. I know what should happen to Kerrie, though. Ready? She should commit suicide and then have her friends tell their stories in hopes that they can solve the mystery. Just publish it before that other guys' and it'll be good.

Kathryn said...

oh yeah, and if i do write something, can i submit it to the Lone Reed with a guarantee that it will be published on the front page?

Kristin said...

Yeah the next paragraph describes her getting out her razor. And absolutely we'd put you on the cover, Kathryn. We'll publish your picture too... maybe in a wedding gown with a bouquet of flowers?

Anonymous said...


Despite the hasty words of my colleague, I am sorry to have to tell you that the Lone Reed does not extend guarantees of acceptance to potential contributers. And unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that anything that is accepted will be placed on the front page. I can tell you, however, that we reserve the front page for latest news, so your contribution has a greater chance both of being accepted and of making headlines if it is in any way startling or controversial. Please consider this as you prepare to submit. Your picture will be included regardless in the section entitled "Celebrity Contributors to the Lone Reed." Thank you.


Co-founder of The Lone Reed

Anonymous said...

Wait, "Front Page"? It's a blog - are there other pages?

Kristin said...

The lone reed is a published-in-print newsletter. Perhaps we'll have a blog form too though.