Friday, July 20, 2007

July 19th. A day well documented.

My good friend Christie is galavanting around the Holy Land and sends out a weekly email and snapfish photo album. Last time I talked to her she suggested I do the same. You know, record my exciting life and let everyone know aboout it through weekly emails and pictures. I laughed hysterically and then decided I would blog my exciting life instead. So, here it goes. This is July 19th documented. But really this is every day of my life so just insert July 1-Aug 30th in and you've basically got my whole summer.

Unless I work an early morning shift or have class, I usually start out by reading. This morning it happened to be Peaches, which, by the way, I loved. Then I make my way up to the wonderful world of Cougar Creations. This is where I spend the hours of 12pm-5pm every day. I copy things, I bind things, I laminate things, you know, the copy center usuals. The best thing about the copy center is my co-workers like Christina! (pictured). Sometimes it doesn't even feel like I'm at work. Sometimes. Then right at 5pm, or a little sooner, I walk to my apt to change and then walk down to center street to start my shift at Joe Vera's Mexican restaurant. I'm usually a little late because it takes an exhaustingly hot 40 minutes to walk from Cougar Creations to Joe's. At Joe's I'm a hostess cashier, which means I'm really bored just sitting at the register or I'm really stressed out trying to ring up a line of people while also sitting people at the same time. On Monday I train to be a server. Yippee. Then I walk home. On this particularly fine day I walked home and then borrowed my brother's car and headed out on the town with my roommate Michelle. Destination Wal-mart. I needed supplies for a cake and a plain shirt to convert into an amazing Harry Potter t-shirt. We took a picture at the check out line. I'm wearing my shirt and Michelle is wearing shorts (that weren't purchased yet) over her jeans. We're pretty cute. On our drive home we decided to jump in the Provo lake. We were fully prepared to take the leap, but we couldn't ever find it! Instead we adventured around provo. Then we ate root beer floats much too late at night and finally went to sleep. Oh, summer. If only I didn't work Monday-Saturday for 9 hours a day.

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Chelsea said...

I wish I worked at a "fiestaraunt".