Friday, July 13, 2012


All I ever want to write about during the summertime is YA lit, otter pops, sprinklers, and picnics in the park. None of these things are really part of my daily life, but at the end of a warm summer day it feels like they've all been so constantly present in my summer intentions that they're all wrapped up in a deep breath on the back porch. amiright?

But instead of doing summer things, I spend all day long in my chilly office building, occasionally glancing outside, always looking for excuses to walk to Starbucks or Fred Meyer. There's something about the blasting AC and sunshine that has increased traffic around the ping pong table at work. I may or may not be egging this on by planning ping pong tournaments and office BBQs.

I think it's time for me to admit that my ping pong obsession has become a little unhealthy. Tonight I found myself on Amazon looking up ping pong paddles, thinking to myself $80 seems like a completely reasonable price to pay for a paddle. And I realized that I've turned into one of those people at work. I've worked up a ping pong strategy. I play daily. I even got mad when I lost the other day. I'm becoming a monster. It's a problem.

But I'm getting so good. And I must get better. This will be me:

In the meantime, the current song of my summer: 

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Josephine said...

I'm so glad (and not surprised at all) that you're rocking the office ping pong!