Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Even though I've technically been taking a break from work/school since the beginning of August, this week still feels like Thanksgiving break, which, to me, translates into a good excuse to do absolutely nothing productive. So far my break has consisted of Gilmore Girls, Target, Christmas movies, eating, and sleeping. Basically, my normal life minus applying for jobs. Since I'm on break, I had plenty of time to go to the Body Worlds exhibit at OMSI this afternoon with my friend Stacy. Cameras weren't allowed in the exhibit, so here is a google image to give you an idea: 
There were dozens of full-sized humans and dozens of individual organs and bones. Everything was constructed out of real people who donated their bodies to the exhibit. Very fascinating, and a little unsettling. It was a nice supplement to my Bones and Grey's Anatomy knowledge of the human body. I know that the obvious and cliche response is awe for how amazing the human body is for being so intricate, smart, and perplexing. But, c'mon, it's super amazing! Also, livers and lungs are huge--how do they fit inside of people? 

Along with admission to the exhibit, we had admission to all of OMSI, so we wandered around for a bit. OMSI is mostly targeted at small children, so it was a nostalgic wandering more than an entertaining wandering. I was underwhelmed because I remember OMSI as a place of magic and wonder from my childhood. Some pictures: 

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Elisa said...

I went to Body Worlds when it was in Salt Lake. Some of the people I was with talked about how they were going to become vegetarians after looking at so much flesh. I went straight to Famous Dave's for some BBQ.