Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm pretty sure I've managed to drive away all of my blog readers with my sporadic updating. Oh well--it's almost more fun to write when I think absolutely no one will read this. Or this.

Where has this summer gone? I think that every August. I actually did a lot of stuff this summer, and it was great. I took multiple trips to Vegas, three trips home, and a trip to Texas. Now it's August 20th and school starts in two weeks. Beginning of fall semester always feels like death to me--especially this one. I have this thing called my thesis that is taking over my life. Somehow I knew once I committed to working on it and buckling down that I wouldn't be able to access a sane life until I finally graduate. And it's true. I met with my thesis chair two weeks ago, decided on a topic, and ever since I have been reading like crazy and haven't been able to fall asleep at night. I stress about having nothing to say, I stress about my ideas being too basic, I stress about my ideas being too obscure, I stress about what the members of my committee will think of me, I stress about never finishing. And once school starts I have to add teaching, two classes, and work at the IO to the mix. I've never wanted to fast forward a year more in my life. I know that I don't want to pursue English after this masters, which makes it all the worse to try to endure the next couple months. Sometimes I wish I were a quitter.

In brighter news, we've been having painting parties at the IO in our down time. Let me back up. We recently moved from a hole-in-the-wall building south of the Wilk to the library, so my boss took all of her art from our old office home, so we need new art for our new office. We decided to make our own. My sister and I each painted two paintings and we took them to the bookstore today to get framed. I'm so giddy about getting them back. Best job ever.

Ok, my battery life is at 11%. I would say I'm going to resolve to blog more, but I think we all know that's unlikely.


Renny said...

I didn't read the first this, or the second.
I read the stuff after that though.
I'm glad you have painting parties.

Renny said...

I miss your "end of semester and at home" posts.