Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to Vancouver

I spent this past weekend in Vancouver! My flight back to Salt Lake was almost cancelled because the plane we were supposed to take got hit by lightning as it flew into Portland. Instead, they put us on a different plane. Oh how I wish it had been cancelled. Now I'm back in Provo and back to researching and working. But here are some pictures from the highlights of my trip:
My parents and I went to my high school's production of The Sound of Music on Friday night. It was fun, and the girls were really talented. The guys . . . were fine. I always love walking around Mt. View--it's so crazy that I was a student wandering those halls six years ago. 
I celebrated my 24th birthday! We had a delicious dinner and a blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. So good. We ended my birthday with the episode Happy Birthday Mr. Monk. Good birthday--24 is looking like it's going to be a great year. 
My room was still full of my paintings, books, pottery and stuff on the walls. I decided it was time to pack it up so that it can officially become a guest room. So, I picked off a million glow in the dark stars from the ceiling, took down all my paintings, sorted through my books and packed them, threw lots of stuff away, washed my walls, vacuumed and rearranged the furniture. I love a good project! 

Of course a picture of the TV. I watched some 24, some Monk with my mom, The Magic of Ordinary Days. Good times on that couch.

Other notable events that I didn't take pictures of: 

I painted pottery with Holly! It's been years since we painted pottery, and I needed a new bowl to add to my collection, so Holly and I spent an afternoon at Earth, Glaze and Fire. There is something great about keeping in touch with someone (even if it is sporadic) for ten years. Who else can I reminisce with over my first kiss, Ms. Janis' English class, candy lipstick, Village Vendor, and Mt. View in general? It's always good to see her. We met up this morning for breakfast at Elmers. Best crepes ever. 

I got a new pair of running shoes! They are like running on clouds of cotton candy. Divine. 

Great weekend. It's always hard to come back to Provo. 


Renny said...

I like that you got framed signs for your birthday. That is pretty awesome.
Happy 24th(again)!

Rachel said...

Magic of Ordinary Days! Cotton candy shoes! Your hair is so long and you are gorgeous!