Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm pretty sure I post a post like this yearly

Things are changing. Christie is moving to Texas for the summer before moving to Michigan in the fall, and it's so weird to be saying goodbye. I don't want things to change.

I'm almost 24. I completely changed my group of friends in 7th grade. I had falling outs with both my high school best friends. I left all of my high school friends, influential teachers, my home, my family, my city to come to college. I've said goodbye to friends as they left on missions. I've said goodbye to friends who have left Provo. I've been on two study abroads and was a counselor at Camp Vega where I had to adjust to a ton of different changes and new people. I've adjusted to at least six new wards and apartments. I've taken a ton of classes that have started and ended. It seems like I should have a lot of practice dealing with change.

But it's hard every single time.

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Renny said...

Sometimes during the normalcy of life I think, "remember how Kristin went to Maine?" You inspired me. So I moved to Vermont.
You can do it! (Deal with the change that is.)