Friday, May 14, 2010

Heading to Vegas

Not taking classes this spring has been the best decision ever. First, I've heard nothing but bad and awkward things about the class that I was signed up to take, and second, somehow working 25 hours a week has managed to make me feel incredibly busy. Between work, research, trying to read for fun, keeping caught up on TV, and watching 90s teen romantic comedies, my life is packed. There is something about summer that makes it impossible for me to be productive for more than two hours a day. Don't judge! 


Christie said...

You'll have to call me and let me know how this goes!!

Kristin Lowe said...

Definitely. So far it's going ok. I've gone through a whole range of emotions in the five hour drive. Now we're here. I'll give you a post-trip update!

Renny said...

Whoa, what??
I feel like I need an update.