Friday, July 03, 2009

The Caribbean

My flight for the Caribbean leaves tonight at 1am (so really Saturday morning), and I won't be back until the 6th of August. I'm not taking my computer, and I'm not really sure what kind of internet access I might have down there, so here's an overview of what I'll be doing over the next five weeks.

St. Lucia

We're spending the first two weeks on St. Lucia where we will be staying at the Chez Marie Alish. In St. Lucia we are hoping to hike the Pitons, meet with Derek Walcott (the Poet we have been/are studying), do some water color painting, visit the Sulphur Pits, see what Carnival is all about, visit Pigeon Point, explore Castries, and spend lots of time on the beach.


On July 18 we're flying to Trinidad for the final three weeks where we will be staying at Par-May-La's Inn. Sites in Trinidad include Port of Spain, possibly the Asa Wright Nature Center, the rainforest, the Caroni Swamp and other places I can't remember.


Toward the end of our three weeks on Trinidad we're flying to Tobago for about four days where we will be staying at Candles . . . in the wind (I can't wait to stay in a place with a name like that). Sites for Tobago include the Nylon Pool, and other sites I can't remember.

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