Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is what I've needed all day

I have a blog worthy story. Friday I was in the library with Christie acquiring some hard copy course reserve material. Upon returning the materials we ran into her friend Jen. Now, I don't know Jen aside from the amazing 3 minutes we spent together on the third floor of the library, but she is a very friendly person. She emphasized what a real pleasure it was to meet me, and before parting she insisted on learning something about me. So she asked where I am from. "Washington," I replied. "What part of Washington?" she immediately responded. "Vancouver," I said. And then she pointed at me with kind of a thoughtful look on her face as if reaching into the depths of her brains to make some sort of connection to Vancouver (insert dramatic pause here). And then she asked, "Do you BY ANY CHANCE happen to know the Lowe family?"

Insert uncontrollable bursts of laughter here.

What are the odds?

My roommates and I are baking and staying up way too late. Things are always really funny this time of night. Wait isn't 10 hundred the same thing as one thousand??? Today (Saturday) was a good day. I don't know that "good" is the right adjective. If I gave it more thought I could probably come up with a more accurate word. A more accurate word would have something to do with boredom, a little nostalgia, and some laughing. I woke up early (before any of my roommates) and quietly did homework in my living room, went running and let my feet pound to really loud Snow Patrol, did some reading, went to Cougar Creations, went to Joe Vera's and came home. It was a busy day but the overall feeling of today is boredom. When I got home from Joe Vera's I was kind of discontent to just sit around my quiet apartment. I tried to fall asleep, tried to read and finally settled on emailing Christina. I'm glad Christie came over later tonight--that always seems to have a normalizing affect on me when I'm having kind of weird day.

That's all I have to say. Except. Christie: if you read my blog why don't you ever comment? I'm offended. We probably shouldn't be friends.


Christie said...

This is a comment.
And yes, ten hundred is one thousand.
And I'm probably coming over later. Be prepared.

Lil Renny said...

I don't really see what is so funny about you knowing the Lowe family... do you or don't you? It seems like a simple question to me... But I think the more important question is which Lowe do you know better, Kristin Mae Lower or Kristin Cordelia Lowe?