Monday, August 20, 2007


I am back home in Vancouver, WA for the weekend. I love driving across the Columbia River on the I-205 bridge from the Portland airport and seeing all the wonderful trees and the river as we enter Vancouver--I love it every time.

I haven't been home since February, but this time I feel strangely old: one of my sisters has graduated and is leaving for UW in the fall, and one of my sisters can drive now. And the trunk of the tree (that I used to climb) next to our old playhouse is huge: when did that happen? I know, I'm getting a little nostalgic. Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive down Evergreen Highway and out to Lacamas Lake in Camas.

Then we walked around the lake and out to the swimming hole.

I just love the Northwest. I even loved driving through familiar neighborhoods and seeing street signs like Talton and Bella Vista. Best of all, I don't have to work until Wednesday.


Chelsea said...

I love the Northwest too!
For ELANG 325 I used to have Royal J. Skousen, but recently I noticed that for some reason my teacher has changed to Jacquel Christensen. I don't know why, but for some reason the name Jacquel makes me nervous and I wish I had Royal Skousen again. That is a cool name.

And in case you or anyone else is wondering, no I have never been to the Northwest. That doesn't mean I can't love it.

Lil Renny said...

Kristin, did I ever tell you that Washington tops my list of "states where I want to live when I am all done with school"? Cause it is. And Lacamas Lake reminded me of Lake Lacrymos (I don't know if you have even seen the movie or read the book to which I am referring) be careful of the leeches. You must wait one hour before getting in the water.

Lil Renny said...

I watched the sound of music last night," somewhere in my youth, or childhood (sung with laughter), I must have done something good." Utterly fantastic. It made me think of you and wish you were there.

Chelsy said...

Kristin -

Seeing as how I never seem to have your latest email, I thought I'd just send you a note through your website (I still remembered it).

Just playing football this year? We would LOVE to have you back on the team. I'm also trying to get Heather to switch from her family ward to the BYU ward...just for a few months, so she can play with us again too! How awesome would that be?!

Anyway...shoot me an email and let me know if you are in!


Lil Renny said...

I think "it's been good life" was the perfect response to that post. I sort of reminded me of, "I swear I'm not slyxdexic" (I'm still not quite sure how you would spell that...)

Kim said...

"Please greet Kristin for me. Tell her that I promise to write her a long note soon. Is she planning to be my student teacher?"
Just thought I would share what was in the last e-mail from Mrs. Dignan. Precious.