Monday, August 19, 2013


Don't worry, people! I survived the Deschutes rapids.

This was my first time rafting. I was a little nervous because, even though the internet tells me that only 6 to 10 people die while rafting for every 2.5 million people who go on guided rafting trips, people die! Not to be dramatic, but I could be dead.

But what actually scared me more than death was spending 36+ hours camping and rafting with a group of my coworkers. I mean, these are mostly software developers. And we have nothing in common except work things. I'm 100% baffled as to how I got an invite to this thing. But I did, and I went. Suckers! And they love me because I'm a willing designated driver. (Though now that I think about it that may be why I was invited. No, I'm sure it was my personality . . . I'M SURE OF IT!)

Overall, it was actually really fun. And beautiful. And I only left with one bruise. 

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