Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lost & Found

A couple of weeks ago I lost my credit card and a reimbursement check from work. I'm not sure how I managed to lose these two items from my wallet and absolutely nothing else. But somehow between buying dinner at Porque No? on April 19 (the last posted transaction on my credit card), and then opening my wallet to get my credit card on April 20, both items vanished completely.

I looked everywhere. I don't have a lot of stuff, or a big apartment, or a messy car. So it didn't take me long to exhaust absolutely every possibility. I mean every possibility--I looked in couch cushions, in the freezer, through the silverware drawer, under my pillow, in the garbage, in every pocket of every item of clothing, etc.

They were nowhere! Completely gone!

It wasn't that big of a deal. I called my credit card company and had them place a hold on my account (and eventually called back a few days later to cancel my card  since it remained missing). And I had my work void the reimbursement check and issue a new one. NBD. Just completely disconcerting that these items seemed to cease to exist within this world, and that I somehow lost consciousness for a small chunk of my day when these items went from being in my wallet to not being in my wallet. This is X-Files stuff.

About a week later I was at my parent's house sorting through my mail. When I say sort, I mean sort--I still manage to get piles of mail at my parent's house even though I haven't lived there in 8+ years. Of course all of the mail I get is junk (really, Discover, I don't want a credit card from you, and based on my track record probably shouldn't have a credit card from anyone). So, I was incredibly intrigued when I came across a little hand-addressed envelope with a Portland return address. I know exactly 0 people in Portland who would send me something via the US postal service, so I was perplexed/weirded out.

I opened it to find this:
Kyle! What a heartwarming kid. (I am assuming he's a kid since no one over the age of 15 has a piano teacher, yes?) It's nice to know people like this still exist. Points to him for noticing that my address was listed on the reimbursement check. Also, where is his piano teacher's house? And how did my card and check end up outside it? 

Scully! Mulder! 


Elisa said...

I love Kyle.

Josephine said...

Weird! But nice too I guess.