Sunday, February 17, 2013

Purple Pants

I am plagued with buyer's remorse. Rarely, but every so often, I will be in a store and will have an irrational need to buy something.  Suddenly, that navy and white striped shirt (I now own three of these) or that copy of the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice for $4.75 becomes the only thing in the world that will make me happy, and I have no choice but to buy it. Then within 24 hours I regret wasting the money and accumulating more stuff that I don't need.

My sisters are all the opposite--they regret not buying things. As in, they will leave a store and actually think about all the things they left behind? This reverse buyer's remorse is crazy baffling to me. All I ever feel when I leave a store empty handed is victory and relief.

This was all true until I encountered the purple pants. I'm in Vegas with my sisters (Lowe sister's reunion 2013!), and we went to the outlets yesterday. At the Gap outlet I tried on a pair of plum purple jeans. At first thought they seemed like a silly purchase (they're purple!) and they were $30 ("clearance," Gap? Really?), so I put the jeans back on the rack, bought a button-up with tiny orange hearts, and confidently left the store.

And at first I felt just like I always do--relief and a little self-righteous for my ability to minimize the crap I buy. We went to a few more stores and even went back to the Gap so my sister could get some jeans she wanted, and I mostly forgot about the purple pants.

But later in the evening those pants crept back into my mind. Purple pants! Of course I need a pair. With one of those navy and white striped shirts I have and some cute flats? Shoot girl.

I need those pants.

I tried finding them online. I tried and then I tried finding a similar pair at,, and No one has plum purple pants.

I don't know what to do. I feel so lost.

UPDATE: Bought the pants. Wore the pants. Totally crushed it. 


Emily Cobell said...

Did you end up getting the pants!?!

Josephine said...

I'm glad you found them! Purple pants were my splurge purchase (meaning around $30) this fall and I love them. Plum is such a lovely color.