Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Update

So many things are happening! I've been so busy at work that I haven't had much time to blog. (Ok, by "busy at work," we all know that I mean I've been watching too much fall TV to have any motivation to do productive things, right?)

So here are some notable things that have happened:

1. I met Joanna Brooks! This is real. She spoke at a "Mormonism and the Election" panel at Seattle University, and I went with my brother and his friends. And one of my brother's friends knows JB! As in she came up and talked to us before the panel, and she knew my brother's name! And he introduced me as his sister, and she said "Hi, sister!" To me! She even texted my brother's friend after the lecture asking why we didn't stick around to chat. Pretty big deal. Side note: Ken Jennings was also there (Jeopardy!).

2. Since I used my daily allotment of exclamation marks in number one, I'll list the change in missionary age as number two. Notably, I first found out about this on Twitter because I'm the worst at watching Saturday sessions of general conference. While I didn't have the emotional response that many had, and I'm not sure how much this will actually improve gender dynamics (though I'm curious), it's nice to see a substantial policy change. Keep 'em coming.

3. A new Target opened 4 miles from my house. I celebrated the election news on Tuesday by wandering the shoe aisles and buying a new pair of flannel pajamas.

4. I have been killing this autumn. Pumpkin scones, caramels, apple cider, pumpkins, biscotti, pot pies, soups. In related news, I have gained three pounds. Nope, I lied. It's five pounds. Totally nailing it.

5. I went to Utah, which warrants a photo collage. For obvious reasons.

6. And, most obviously, I have been watching fall TV. All of the usuals, of course (Ben proposed to Leslie! Cristina and Meredith reunited!? Tyra needed to send Victoria home at least four episodes before she finally got nixed because she is cahrazy. Is Glee really still on television? Kristina Braverman has cancer!? And Tina Fey is still the funniest woman alive--but really, did you see the "Stride of Pride" episode?).

I've also picked up some new shows. One of which is Emily Owens, M.D. on the CW, which is noteworthy because I thought it was going to be terrible, but it is incredibly endearing. You should watch it. But I have to say, the best new fall show is The Mindy Project, without which we would be deprived of TV moments like this:


Emily said...

Love Emily Owens MD. Also, a photo collage? Really? The youtube clip took up more space than all of the photos from our magical weekend combined. Although I did LOVE that clip.

Josephine said...

I like The Mindy Show a lot. I'm so glad it's funny. My favorite new show of this fall might be Nashville though.

Way to rock fall.

Elisa said...

I love this blog post. That picture collage is pretty fantastic!

I like #2 a lot, but I still wonder why there has to be any difference in the allowed age for guys and girls. Why not just close the gap completely? I know, I know. I should be happy for progress.

Anyway, I love the scene you chose from the Mindy Project. And Kristina Braverman has cancer?! Crazy, right?! Is it bad that I sort of wish she'd die because her character bugs me SO much. If they got rid of her and that kid of hers (Max. Blech.) that show would be so much more watchable. And there'd be more time for the characters I LOVE (Jabar. Amber. Sarah.)

I'm rambling. In conclusion: Go Fall!