Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Let me begin by saying that it has been years since I was surprised on Christmas or my Birthday. I send my mom extensive Amazon wish lists, links to websites with specific color and sizing directions, or I just buy myself presents and give them to my mom to wrap. I like to tell myself that this system makes things easier for everyone and saves time and energy. But really I think my mom would prefer to surprise me sometimes, and I completely resist because I hate surprises and like having control over everything that I own. I'm totally a monster. But that's not the point.

This year wasn't any different. I sent my mom an Amazon wish list, and me and my mom went shopping last week for some birthday presents. I already know everything that I'll be unwrapping tomorrow night at my birthday bash.

Which is why it was so amusing to watch my nephew "try" to keep this secret.

Apparently my mom let him help wrap my birthday presents today. And then spent at least five minutes swearing him to secrecy after the wrapping session.When I got home from work, the very first thing out of his mouth was, "we got you some presents!" And I responded, "oh, yeah? What kind of presents did you get me." "Shoes!" he quickly shouted (cue his mother yelling "Parker!"). That didn't stop him from answering every single one of my questions. "Were there some socks, too?" I asked. "Yes!" he said excitedly. "What kind of shoes did you get me?" I asked. "Flip flops!" he said. "And all the presents are hidden in my fort downstairs!"

This kid is going places. I'm so pleased that he's on my side.


Kim said...

I can hear both of you perfectly in this exchange. Love it!

Rachel said...

Today I was at work and started craving Ned's Noodle Bar and I thought, Kristen and I should probably go there soon.

True story.

Josephine said...

Little kids are the best. There is a famous Tim childhood story in which he told his dad I think, I got you a fish, but I can't tell you what kind. So much restraint!