Monday, May 07, 2012

Dream Home

Since I now have a job, and since my commute can be wretched, I've started scouting Craigslist for apartments in Portland. It's time to remind myself that I'm 25 (almost 26!) and have been living on my own for seven years. The combination of this apartment hunt and driving by the Oregon Powerball bilboard every day on my way to work advertising the current jackpot at $70 million has obviously led me to plan my dream home.

I am pulled in two different directions. Part of me desperately wants to live in any/all of the houses found here. Some indicative pictures below. Clean. Simple. Bright. Geometric. Modern. New. Earth tones. Deep breath. 
The minimalist in me feels indescribable joy at the thought of sitting all day in a house like this. But part of me has always wanted to live in an older home with a dusty attic and illogical nooks and crannies. A turret is a given. So are window seats. Cozy. Charming. Warm. Hardwood floors. Wool socks. Lots of character. Oak trees. Unruly yard. Books everywhere. 
I don't know how I'll ever decide.

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Josephine said...

My guess is that you'll dream up some kind of awesome space in between. Minimalist kitchen, book-packed (DVD packed?) cozy library.