Monday, April 30, 2012

The Panel

Guys, I just couldn't bring myself to go to FHE tonight. I've mostly sort of been really good about going for the last couple months. But tonight I was feeling tired from work. And, most importantly, I heard it was going to be a dating panel. I have only been in this ward eight months, and I have been to no fewer than three FHE dating panels. They are all the same. And they all make me furious.

We all know what went down. First, someone gave a generic speech about the importance of dating and marriage. One of the bishopric members told a story about how they started dating their spouse and how they had an awful first date, but then their spouse's sass and hair flip won them over. Insert additional offensive gender stereotype here. Then someone asked for positive dating experiences. Someone told a story about how they went on a double date where they made pinwheels and then ran around a park waving them. It was so simple and so cute. Then someone told a story about how they went out to ice cream on a Thursday night. It was short and sweet (no pun intended!!!). The discussion leader then asked the women directly, "What could the men do better?" And the women responded with comments like "ask girls out!" and "open car doors!" and "be honest!" And someone asked the guys what they think about girls asking them out. Half the guys responded with "If I like the girl, it's cool and flattering," and half the guys responded with "Girls who ask me out are weird--it's my job!" Then there was an extensive conversation about how men and women communicate differently. Some woman said something like "Men are so dense and can only speak in grunts." Insert additional offensive gender stereotype here. And some man said, "When a woman asks you to roll the car window down what she really means is that she wants you to pull over immediately and get her a drink of water! You just have to learn how to decipher their language." Insert additional offensive gender stereotype here. At some point, someone said something about how going to a movie is an awful first date. And someone mentioned something along the lines of "I know looks aren't everything, but . . . " 

And the conclusion? I will happily remain single. 

Good thing I skipped FHE, got a milkshake from Top Burger, and watched a Little League baseball game in Camas with a friend. Summer is coming. Delicious. 


Kim said...

Nailed it.

Stacy said...

I can't get over how much I loved the Little League game. I plan insertng that activity in my "usual activities". Thanks cor coming along, even though I was terribly embarresed about how you dressed for the occasion.

Emily said...

Why is Camas always so much more magical than Vancouver??

Josephine said...