Wednesday, March 21, 2012


On my first day of work I had a meeting with the marketing director. She was going over the structure of the company and branding guidelines when she off-handedly said, "by the way, don't blog about your first day." Apparently, one of our competitors' new employees blogged about their first day and their role within the company, including a handful of pictures of their work space and the company offices. Someone at my company has a Google alert set for all our competitors, so the blog showed up in our newsfeed. Not that the information was super incriminating. Or even that useful. But something as simple as how their office is set up or the size of their work spaces is apparently interesting to us. The marketing director and the employees who work near her all laughed and laughed about this new employee's ignorance. I laughed to. Who would have the audacity to blog about their first day?

I have been terrified of blogging ever since.

I think as long as I don't use names or specific proper nouns, I'll be fine. But I'm still a little nervous about describing my job in anything more than really vague and generic terms like "I work for a company at a desk in front of a computer." Or, "I drive to work and then I complete tasks that have been outlined for me."

I will say that I'm liking it pretty well. My coworkers are nice. I love working in Portland. I almost don't hate every second of the commute. And I'm doing a wide range of tasks--from writing to designing to accounting data entry.

Ok, no way is this post getting picked up on any Google alert unless it's bundled with a million other entries with the words "marketing director," or "Portland."

I'm clearly a little paranoid.


Elisa said...

Now where are the pictures of your office? I want a full blueprint.

Josephine said...

I felt hugely relieved on this account when I became a student again. Not that you still shouldn't be careful about what you put on your blog, but it's very different!