Friday, February 24, 2012


If you've never been to the Oregon Coast, you must go. Instead of a swimsuit, bring a raincoat. Instead of sandals, bring wool socks and tennis shoes. And no matter how inviting the water might look and what the-beach-is-for-swimming-in-the-ocean notions you might have, do not touch the ocean with any part of your body. You will get hypothermia. And you will die. But as long as you're mentally prepared for a blustery and rainy stroll instead of warm California sands and waves, the Oregon Coast is one of the most delightful places on earth.

Growing up, my family spent time at the Oregon Coast at least once a year, and my mom's family still gathers there for family reunions. But between school and missing reunions for study abroad programs, it has been years since I've been to Oregon beaches. In the interim, I have traveled to a variety of beaches: over a dozen beaches in the Caribbean, California beaches, Cape Cod beaches, and Martha's Vineyard. I love warm beaches. I love jumping in the waves, digging my feet into the scorching sand, and the lingering smell of sunscreen. But my very favorite beaches are still on the Oregon Coast. They're so windy. And moody. And temperamental. They make you want to fly a kite. And build a fire. And go inside to bundle up with a book like Wuthering Heights while listening to the pounding rain. 

So, I was ecstatic to spend 36 hours at the beach this week. I went with my friend Stacy, and we stopped in Astoria, stayed the night in Seaside, and walked along Cannon Beach. Absolutely delightful. 
View from the Astoria Column
Astoria Column
Cannon Beach
Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach


Josephine said...

Love the picture with the grass. Mr j and I honeymooned on the Oregon coast. The beaches were gorgeous!

Stacy said...

Bravo on the pics Miss Lowe.