Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's true that I don't like to own stuff. I'm always throwing stuff away, always regretting purchases, and always trying to simplify my possessions. But one thing I can't stop myself from collecting like a champion TLC hoarder is DVDs. I can easily talk myself out of buying a new pair of shoes, a new jacket, or a cute scarf. But if I'm standing in the DVD section at Target holding four seasons of TV and two movies, I almost weep at the thought of returning any of them to their shelf. How could I leave them behind? TV on DVD on sale is my biggest weakness. 21 episodes of pure joy for $10? I mean, come on, who can say no to that? And I know that technology is changing and the DVD will likely become obsolete (RIP VHS/VCR) in favor of digital content, but somehow this logic never seems to shine through my clouded and maniacal need for DVDs. 

This is how I ended up with 40 seasons of TV on my shelf. Yes, 40. Let's pause for a moment and say each season is an average of 21 episodes, and each episode is an average of 36 minutes (14 seasons are 23-minute shows and 26 are 43-minute shows). This means I have 504 hours of TV on DVD. That is 21 days straight. Of TV. 

And sure, I could have hours and hours of TV viewing at my fingertips with a Hulu Plus or Netflix subscription, but I would be paying around a hundred dollars a year and still wouldn't have the specific TV I wanted (shows like Felicity and AMC dramas are hard to come by). And I'd still have to deal with internet problems/streaming/commercials. DVDs are my favorite commercial-free way to watch TV. 

Insert disc. Play all. 

A catalogue of my TV on DVD: 
  • 30 Rock, seasons 1, 2, 3, 5
  • Parks & Recreation, season 3
  • Gilmore Girls, seasons 1-7
  • Felicity, seasons 1-4
  • Friends, seasons 5, 6, 9, 10
  • Parenthood, seasons 1-2
  • Glee, season 1
  • Friday Night Lights, season 4
  • Bones, seasons 1, 2, 4, 6
  • The Office (BBC), seasons 1-2
  • The Office, seasons 1-2
  • Heroes, season 1
  • Chuck, season 1
  • Mad Men, seasons 1-2
  • Damages, seasons 1-2
  • Monk, season 5
  • Seinfeld, season 1

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Elisa said...

I say we watch 21 straight days of TV. It would be like the lounging equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.