Monday, October 03, 2011

Car Update

After charging my battery overnight, my car finally started. However, my check engine light still came on. I disconnected my battery for about an hour, hoping that this would help my car recognize that it was fixed (some random interneter recommended this). Devastatingly, the check engine light still came on once I had reconnected the battery. In the midst of my repair research I had emailed an auto repair place to get a repair estimate--they said it would take over $100 just to diagnose the exact problem in addition to the parts and labor to fix it. Since I am unemployed and have made a total of $40 in the past two months, this estimate had motivated me to continue with my quest to fix the problem myself. So, it was extra devastating when my check engine light didn't turn off: I was now $42 into the project, hadn't made any progress, and had hundreds of dollars between me and a fixed car. My car was still driving ok, so I considered ignoring the problem indefinitely (always sensible), but I needed to register my car in Washington (I was supposed to do this a month ago), and in order to do so I needed to pass an emissions test (I'm pretty sure you can't pass with a check engine light on).

But. Then I drove it on a couple short errands. And. Wait for it. The check engine light turned OFF. I passed my emissions test today and am back to having Washington plates. All is right with the world.

And I was able to fix my car window, which stopped working this summer. Estimates to repair this were around $400. I found the motor/regulator that fit my car, and now, $55 and about 7 youtube videos later, my window rolls both up and down and is sealed from rain without the help of plastic bags and door stops. Look at me go!


Elisa said...

I'm so impressed by how savvy you are. And glad that window finally rolls up!

Josephine said...

Also totally impressed.