Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Even though the youngest person at our house is 16 we still got up at 6am!? I'm not really sure how that happened. Em says it happened because she was up at 3am. How that happened, I'm not sure either.

It has been a good Christmas. I now have enough movies/TV shows to last me until June 16th 2010. Approximately. Lindsey, you will be happy/proud to hear that I got Elf. I hate that movie!!! And then I watch it and laugh all the way through it. I also got the first two seasons of the british version of The Office. And the coveted third season of Felicity.

My family got a Wii last Saturday, and my arms have been sore ever since. I think it's the boxing. I'm pretty much a tennis master.

It's snowing here! Of course it isn't sticking and it has only been going for about 10 minutes and will probably stop in the next 10 minutes. But, you know. Ryan just suggested that we do a puzzle. Em suggested that we sit at the window and watch the snowflakes fall.

In honor of my Linds(a/e)ys leaving BYU I thought I would list a few memories.

Lindsey. The movies of our lives (sorry that I never got around to junior year, I'm a failure), skipping sociology and talking in the SWKT, the pumpkin cookies (mmm delicious), going to that dance in the Morris Center, Wednesday night movies in DT, taking pictures on campus with Miriam, frolicking through the leaves with Sarah, me and Krystle coming to your house, pumpkin parties, any and all things pumpkin, mice in your apt, got vacuum?, lunches in the Morris center, your power over me (I can't remember if I ate that banana peel?), Whatev, let's g.

Lindsay. Roommate Christmas, the mattress on your back, the victoria's secret bag, staying up late talking on our couches and discussing our lives, "it is soooo hot outside. beads of sweat are literally DRIPPING down my face. I don't think I can make it much longer. Lindsaaaaaaaay," watching CMT and MTV on saturday mornings. Einstein Bagels, Gurus, Pier 49, Costa Vida, Provo Bakery, watching Bleak House, watching every single episode of Felicity, re-watching some classic first season episodes of Felicity before you left, Ben and his buzzed head and sweatshirt.


Chelsea said...

Merry Christmas, Kristin!

Lil Renny said...

So "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLaughlin started playing as soon as I got to the paragraph about all of our memories, it was like my own personal movie of our lives. What good times we had. Oh, and you ate the banana peel, but not cause I wanted you to... because Jarom told you to. Merry Christmas!

Lil Renny said...

Don't drink and drive