Friday, November 23, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is pretty indicative of Thanksgiving break at the Lowe residence. Couch. TV. Eating.

Thanksgiving is officially over! I celebrated the holiday in Washington with my family complete with my siblings from Brad on down and my grandparents and uncle up from Oregon. I made rolls for the event with only a few setbacks (my arm almost fell off from kneading, and the oven was on "convection" and therefore my first batch was nice and hard). I'm reaching the halfway point of break and I'm starting to think about heading back to Provo, which means women's lit, papers, reading, 350 tests etc. Stop thinking about it.

My sister woke me up this morning by pouncing on my bed at 5am. Oh my goodness. We went shopping, of course. The funny thing is my family really isn't that big on buying things the day after Thanksgiving, but at least a couple of us always end up waking up and going each year. Kim and I were going to buy jackets at Kohl's, but then we saw the line to pay. We opted on leaving and as we were walking out the front doors my mom asked someone how long they had waited in line. They said an hour and a half. I'm pretty sure we made the right decision. I spent the rest of the morning watching high school musical one and two. Get your head in the game.

My plans for the rest of break include Gilmore Girls, made-for-TV christmas movies on ABC family, Christmas decorating, and eating.


Chelsea said...

I love the sepia.
Sounds like you had such a great Thanksgiving.
I am so grateful for this break every year!

Lil Renny said...

Hooray for vegging at home

Chelsea said...

Did anyone else find it excruciating to go back to school on Monday?

Kristin said...

Yes. I've been angry at the world ever since I had my painful 8am class monday morning.

Lil Renny said...

Kristin are you dating anyone? hahaha
Oh you know what, we made taffy in my foods class today, and I thought of you.